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Payments / Cancellations


Auto Electronic payments are required through debit or credit card for monthly payments on set date. All auto payments continue until Smitty's Gym receives written cancellation 30 days prior to the billing date. Cancellation must be in writing and sent via certified mail or brought in to Smitty's Gym. A receipt of cancellation will be given.


Pre-paid memberships do not require electronic payments or cancellation. 12 month contracts do not auto cancel, please refer to contract.


Guest Policy


Guest are only permitted in the gym during staffed hours or with prior approval from owner or manager. Guest waiver is required for all guests and $6.00 per visit. Guest brought in during non-staffed hours and without  approval may be charged with trespassing and a fine to the member of $100. Security cameras are in place in order to secure a safe environment to our members.

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